Friday, January 27, 2006

On Minor League Stats & Today's Two Published Baseball Guides

On Minor League Stats & Today’s Two Published Baseball Guides

Hey Carlos,
It is quite interesting to find the stats that baseball holds as its own, all of the stats that are in any baseball book. I mean these stats are what baseball is all about basically, that’s what makes baseball “baseball” in my opinion.
I look at the Baseball America books, and those I trust because BA actually covers the minors during the season. Yes, sometimes I find mistakes, but not too often. I also look through the Sporting News Baseball Guides and always find a lot of mistakes.
Yes, in the BA stuff they don’t put the stats in for every player, you have to play in like 10 games or something (I don’t remember for sure) and the Guide supposedly has everyone that played for the year.
That is why in the database I’m trying to put together the stats through the box scores as those I know I can trust. and if I find a mistake— as unfortunately I have found a lot in recent years— there's usually someone around who went to that game or has some knowledge of what happened in the game.
Thanks for you time and keep it up Carlos.
David Malamut

David has chose the thankless task of trying to find box scores for every minor league game played in the last few seasons, with the hope of being able to correct the errors and lack of completeness found in the guides today.  

This evening— because I missed posting yesterday— I will post a box score from the 1920s that one of our readers found, and which proves the guides to be in error.  Why am I not surprised?

The problem with today’s minor league records is that a number of minor league cities have chosen no to publish box score for their teams.  Additionally, scorers now do their scoring online, and there is never a paper record.  And the most egregious is that most people attending minor league games don’t score the game.  Don’t know how to score a game.  Couldn’t care less.

Tomorrow I will publish an update and correction on Jay Hughes by researcher and Hughes expert Alan O’Connor.  It will be a cautionary tale, a trap in which even I get snared from time to time, including this time.


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