Sunday, January 22, 2006

More Bad News for the Sporting News

More Bad News for the Sporting News

I spoke today to a researcher who doesn’t want to be identified at the present time, but told me that he made a comparison between Baseball America’s 2005 Almanac stats and TSN 2005 Baseball Guide stats, and found that the BA Almanac had batting and pitching stats for players that did not appear TSN BB Guide.  Apparently, it looks like TSN left off the bottom of the page; i. e., there were breaks in the alphabetical list of players.  (I have not, as yet, checked this out, but will do some looking this week.)

Steve Gietschier wrote the following in response to my call for posting corrected stats on line:

Carlos suggests that TSN post corrected 2004 stats on our website, but as Greg notes, those stats don't exist.

I accepted Steve Gietschier’s statement that those stats do not exist, but apparently Steve is not well-informed as to the culpability of TSN, so, therefore, I will renew my request, as the stats published in the TSN BB Guide do exist, and never made it into their publication.


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