Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A Bauer-Pastier Exchange

A Bauer-Pastier Exchange
John Pastier wrote:
Over their heads? [I had written him that his post might go over the heads of some.]I thought it was between the letters and the knees.It's amazing that no one considered the implications of what Geitschier was saying— that TSN doesn't have the resources to turn out an accurate publication, but that they will fake it anyway.—JP
Bauer answers:
Your absolutely right.  And his comment that the leagues put the stats on their websites, and "does that mean they don't give a damn, either?"  That one was too easy.  I just had  restrain myself from hitting it out of the park— if they published the stats knowing that they were bogus, then of course they "didn't give a flying deleted!" 
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