Friday, January 20, 2006

John Benisch with More on TSN/Minor League Baseball Stats Fiasco

John Benisch with More on TSN/Minor League Baseball Stats Fiasco

TSN did not publish identical stats for players in its Guide and Register.  Example: Jeff Keppinger [Eastern League]— 123/362 in Register and 125/370 in Guide along with differences in ther entries.  The Guide lists Keppinger 1st @ .338 and J. Castellano 2nd @ .340 [among qualifiers].  TSN should at least point out the document with the more accurate data to aid historians.

Also, Cal Pickering [soon to play in Korea] is omitted from the batter listing in the Guide but has a 2004 batting line for his PCL performance in the Register. I'm sure there are many more examples of contradictions and omissions.

As a minimum, TSN should provide access [via Web or print] to the minor league individual batting lines that were left out of the 2005 Guide.

I talked to a retired baseball executive, and he told me that everybody in O. B. knows the extent of the problem, but they are into the “stonewall” mode, and will not even consider helping historians in trying to correct the record.  This executive went on to tell me that he believed it to be the worst minor league scandal in the last 40 years.  They are all in full CYA mode, he concluded.  

Well, along with the “steroid scandal”—  here’s another one that the MSM completely missed— I mean, chose not to report on.  Sorry.  

As for myself, I will attempt to compile stats for two leagues from newspaper box scores, the PCL and the California League.  


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