Wednesday, January 25, 2006

An Update from Robert Schultz on TSN Stats Fiasco

An Update from Robert Schultz on TSN Stats Fiasco

Carlos:I have been following with great interest the debate over the flawed stats in the 2005 TSN Guide. In the age of the availability of computerized stats, the TSN has no excuse for omitting as much information as they did in the guide. I checked all players on the New Britain roster of the Eastern League and found that any player not on the roster at the end of the season did not have his stats included in the guide. The following players were either promoted, demoted, traded or released before the end of the season. Elvis Corporan, B.J. Garbe, Jason Kubel, Kala Kuhaulau, Billy Muñoz, Matt Scanlon, Kevin West, Scott Baker, J.D. Durbin, Jannio Gutierrez, Rick Helling, Beau Kemp, Pat Neshek and Jason Richardson. None of them appear in the guide. This is probably the case for all missing player stats. The interesting thing with Jason Kubel is that the TSN Register has his New Britain stats. Baseball America Almanac is mostly complete. The problem is they do not have pitchers batting stats and do not have stats for hit batsmen, sacrifice hits and sacrifice flies.
I would sure like to see a corrected guide published by someone (possibly SABR) in the near future.Thanks for your timeRobert Schulz— SABR member and minor league fanP.S. I enjoy visiting your minor league blog site

That’s all that I asked for, but TSN chose to stonewall the whole matter, and they hope it goes away. The problem researchers will have in the future is that it will be hard to put together a full set of box scores. And the more the world goes digital, the more likely box scores will just be deleted at the end of the season. The more we go digital, the less important saving things for history will become.


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