Tuesday, January 24, 2006

From The Sporting News, March 28, 1903

From The Sporting News, March 28, 1903.

Why don’t they just stick to planting palm trees in the outfield?

The grounds of the Baltimore Baseball club will be the finest in the country [where have I heard that before?]  One of groundskeeper Murphy’s pet schemes has been to fix up a diamond with the four aces, which, besides being a very good hand to hold, has other advantages.  Thousands of sods have been applied and yesterday Murphy’s idea was beginning to show for itself.  The ace of diamonds is, of course, the inside playing field.  The ace of clubs has been laid at the pitcher’s box and the ace of spades at the batter’s position.  The handle of the spade is directly behind the batter, thus giving the pitcher an additional mark at which to pitch.  [Just what is needed in the deadball era, only giving further evidence of how hard it is to kill baseball, though they haven’t given up.]  The ace of hearts is formed by the outer lines of the infield, and the curved indentation is directly back of the second bag, giving the catcher a fine mark at which to throw.  It can be readily appreciated [or not] that Murphy’s scheme has practical advantage in addition to being unique [for sure] and pleasing appearance [debatable]. — Baltimore News.


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