Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The 1901 Intermountain League Record by Bill Williamson

Over the next few days, we are going to present one of the finest accomplishments in minor league research, Bill Williamson's compilation of the 1901 Intermountain League. The Intermountain League never had any stats compiled for it, and I thought it might never be compiled. All that exists for the league in The Minor League Encyclopedia is the standings.

Bill Williamson has taken it upon himself to compile stats for O. B. leagues for which we do not have any statistics. Most of the leagues were obscure and feeting. And located far from where most minor league reasearchers live, and so a combination of internet resourches (on rare occasions) and interlibrary loans over the course of months, if not several years give us products like the above.

At the present, Bill is engaged in compiling stats for the 1910 & 1911 Central California League, another league for which we have virtually no information. As a matter of fact, nobody has been able to even come up with a satisfactory set of standings.

Today we'll post the standings of the league, tomorrow the batting, and on Thursday, we'll conclude with pitching.


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