Sunday, February 05, 2006

Greg DeHart Asked Me to Post This

Greg DeHart Asked Me to Post This

Dear Researchers,

I am producing a documentary film on the life of Max Patkin: The Clown Prince of Baseball.  It is both the story of Max's life and of the history of the minor leagues.   A former minor leaguer myself, I was mesmerized at watching Max perform - although his act was a bit distracting when I pitched.  As a documentary film producer who has produced for The History Channel for years, I've always wanted to do a film about the minor leagues, but have not, until now, found a good angle.

For the past year and a half, I have been collecting interviews with the likes of Ron Shelton (Bull Durham), Don Zimmer, Bob Feller, Mike Veeck, Tim Wiles—Director of Research at the Hall of Fame, and the Patkin family, to name a few. Now that I am in the editing process, I am on the search for ANY and ALL film/video/photographs or Max Patkin and the minor leagues.

Respectfully, I write in hopes that anyone who might know of such images contact me.  Any help would go a long way in producing a great film that honors our great past time.

To find out about some of my work as a filmmaker, please google my name,
"Greg DeHart" and the word "documentary".

I thank every you in advance for you time.

Greg DeHart


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