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More Bad News for Organized Baseball, This Time on the 2005 Stats

More Bad News for Organized Baseball, This Time on the 2005 Stats

Hey Carlos
bad news about the 2005 stats, I've already gotten two instances where they don’t add up— and I’m only checking the games played for the Kane County Cougars
Raul Padron played in 112 games not 113, and Ryan Ruiz played in 94 not 93. This is all according to several scorekeepers at Cougar games that all have the same thing.
David Malamut

It’s just heartbreaking to see what organized baseball is doing to the historical record— which, because of the failures of the MSM, we will never be able to correct.

And going digital means, sadly, loosing our present.  There isn’t— in many cases, I am told— a paper trial for scorers, everything gets keyed in the big computer directly.  And, if you go to minor league game, you are probably the only person in the park scoring the game.


Blogger Joel Dinda said...

And another Midwest League shortcoming in the 2006 TSN Guide:

The Guide lists a no-hitter for three Southwest Michigan pitchers on May 28, 2005: Gonzalez, Larson, & De La Cruz. None of those pitchers are listed in the Guide's pitcher table; all are listed in the BA Almanac. Jino Gonzalez, Matt Larson, and--oh, oh--the 'Rays had two pitchers named De La Cruz.

So let's try to find the box. ESPN's website has some other game's box linked from this game's score. USAT no longer posts boxes for the low minors. It's probably somewhere on, but the system's a mystery. The 'Rays website doesn't have a search function, near as I can tell. Beloit was the losing team; their game summary's a line score. If it's on the BC Enquirer website, it's hidden in the archives and doesn't pop to the top on a "may 25 no-hitter" search. It's probably on the Beloit Daily News website, but the search function sucks.

Finally found the Southwest Michigan site's game summary by searching Google. The closer was Jose De La Cruz, which is what I'd have guessed from the BA stat lines.

If all else had failed, I've have contacted Howie Magner, who covered the game for the BC Enquirer.

We're in trouble, folks.

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