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This Week in the California League, September 24—September 30, 1900

This Week in the California League, September 24—September 30, 1900

Games this week were played on Saturday and Sunday, September 29 and 30.

Sacramento opened the two-game set with San Francisco at home. The two clubs, separated only by ½ game, battle back and forth for four inning, with San Francisco taking a 7-5 lead at that point. After that the two starters, Tom Fitzpatrick and Demon Doyle, settled down, allowing only won more run the whole game, bringing Sacramento within one run at a final 7 to 6 score. Truck Eagan hit his 8th home run early in the game.

In a battle of also rans, Oakland prevailed over Stockton behind the pitching of Chief Borchers. Both pitchers ran out of gas late in the game, with George Harper running out more, yielding 6 runs in the last four innings. Borchers gave up 3 in the seventh. Final Score 7-3.

On Sunday across the bay, change pitcher George Babbitt beat Doc Moskiman 4-2, as Stockton’s bats score 4 runs in the first, and then remained silent for the rest of the game.

In the afternoon tilt, Oakland turned the tables behind Chief Borchers— winning his second game of the weekend— 3 to 2 over Jimmy Whalen, who tired in the 9th, allowing 2 runs to score.

With San Francisco having edged out in front of Sacramento by five percentage points, the two teams crossed bats at Oak Park in Sacramento on Sunday afternoon. Jay Hughes and former Pittsburg pitcher Phil Knell were the starting pitchers. Sacramento chose to bat first, and scored 4 runs in the opening round behind Truck Eagan’s 9th HR, tying him for the league leadership. Hughes returned to form, giving up only 1 run on 7 hits in the game. Knell gave up two more runs, both in the fifth frame, making the final score 6-1, and that put Sacramento back in the lead by ½ game.

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