Monday, February 06, 2006

The Texas League in the Depths of the Great Depression

The Texas League in the Depths of the Great Depression

I found the following in the Sporting News, and it give a good feeling for what was happening in a top-flight minor league during the Great Depression. The following is an extract from an article on the Texas League Winter Meeting.

Player Limit of 16 Men Hinted

The salary question was discussed at Dallas [site of the Winter Meeting], one suggestion being to fix the limit at $3,500 a month for 16 players. This would mean a perceptible shrinkage in baseball salaries. No action was taken.

Salary limits are an elastic proposition and easily stretched, especially in these days of baseball farms, so that a player who may be shown to be within the league limit on the club payroll, has another source of revenue from the major league club which operates the farm, it has been pointed out.

There are three clubs in the league which have a source of supply from the major leagues— Houston, which gets its talent from the St. Louis Cardinals; Beaumont, which draws its players from the Detroit Tigers; and Wichita Falls, Longview or Waco, whichever it may be, controlled by the St. Louis Browns, leaving the other five clubs to round up their talent in the open market as best they can.


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