Wednesday, November 16, 2005

An Update on Don Rowe

An Update on Don Rowe

Dick Beverage wanted my to pass on the following information:

Dick went to Don Rowe’s memorial service, and talked at great length with his widow.  Apparently, every edition since the first Macmillan (I only checked first and last) listed Don Rowe as having a birth date of: April 3, 1936  in  Brawley, CA.  

Prior to that, The Sporting News Baseball Register listed Don Rowe as having been born in 1935: April 3, 1935  in  Brawley, CA.  

Don Rowe’s widow confirmed that The Sporting News had it right, and all the encyclopedias are wrong, and have been wrong since 1969.

In another bit of information that Dick picked up from Mrs. Rowe, he confirmed that Don Rowe was in fact born in Brawley.  Some people have speculated that Rowe might have been born in Compton because his parents had a farm there, and people tend not to move from one farm to another.  Mrs. Rowe told Dick the story of how the family had a farm in Brawley, then moved to Oakland after the Second World War broke, where both parents secured jobs in the defense industry, and once the war ended, moved south to Compton, where they took up farming once again.

A pretty interesting story.  Thanks, Dick!


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