Tuesday, November 15, 2005

From The Sporting News, October 27, 1900

From The Sporting News, October 27, 1900

I happened to like weird news, especially in the morning for some reason.  Here’s what I stumbled upon this morning.

[Harry] Wolverton’s trolley car accident last month recalls to some fans a similar one on the line between Minneapolis and St. Paul, a few seasons ago [the 1894 season, to be exact], say an exchange.  Tom McGuire, a gigantic shortstop from Vallejo, Cal., while enjoying a nickel’s worth of scenery, stuck his head out of the car going 40 miles an hour, and bumped a trolley pole. The impact broke the circuit, blew out the switchboards in both power-houses, and tied up the system between St. Paul and Minneapolis for 35 minut6es.  As McGuire got off to look for his hat he said the company should have more sense than to build the poles so close to the track.

Note: I will follow up the post— which should have only taken a couple of minutes out of my life, but in fact took up a whole morning— with another post this evening on what this one post lead me to.  It became a good lesson in what minor league research is all about, and what we are dealing with on a daily basis.  Until this evening.


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