Sunday, November 13, 2005

A Note from One of My Favorite Baseball Writers

A Note from One of My Favorite Baseball Writers

Note: David Nemec is one of the best baseball writers ever, if you didn’t know it.  His book The Great Encyclopedia of 19th Century Major League Baseball is one of the classics, and a must-have for any person even remotely interested in the early years of major league ball.  While it is an encyclopedia in the Neft-Cohen sense of the word there is also tons of short articles sprinkled through like the format  the Bill James’ Historical Abstract.   David is very prolific, and I’d be writing for days on all the fine books he has written.  The one above is, however, my favorite, and can be bought, as they say, “wherever fine books are sold.” And, I suppose a few where they’re not!

Your blog is a great contribution and one of my favorite places to wander about.  Thanks for creating it.
I read your Hughes piece hoping for some additional light in a corner of his family history that I've long disputed.
Jay and Mickey Hughes are still being carried as having been brothers.  In your research on Jay, have you found any evidence that they were?  Or were not?
Thanks again.
David Nemec

Second Note: I wrote back to David that,  in all my research, I have never come across any note that the two pitchers were brothers.  And, as a matter of fact, when Jay, Jr. died, The Sporting News didn’t mention that he was the nephew of Mickey Hughes, just that he was the son of…  Once things get into the public record, they are almost impossible to get corrected.  If anyone else has any light to shed on the subject, please contact me, and I will pass it on to David.


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