Sunday, November 13, 2005

Nevada State League Update

Eric Wunderman sent me the following note on the Nevada State League:

My Research suggests that the Nevada State League existed in some form (or was planned) in1908 (with the same four teams), and 1909 (with the addition of Columbia and Virginia City) as well. I have no further information on the league than the franchises (or proposed franchises), and I do not recall where I got this information.

Eric Wunderman

Note: I saw mention of the 1908 league in papers here in California, and I seem to remember it did, at least, get off the ground. About 1909 I know absolutely nothing. Thanks to Eric for the update.

This gets me to thinking about all the other leagues out there, some like the Fox River Valley League in northern Wisconsin that went on for a couple of decades, anyway. And about all the leagues that Davis Barker has found in East Texas. This is why major league research can't hold a candle to minor league research.


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