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This Week in the California League, August 13—August 19, 1900

This Week in the California League, August 13—August 19, 1900

Games this week were played in Stockton and the Bay Area on Saturday and Sunday, August 18 and 19. This week San Francisco slipped back half a game on the leaders, while Oakland moved to 10½ back.

The two Bay Area clubs faced off this weekend, with Oakland losing a close 5-4 game on Saturday, but sweeping the Wasps on Sunday. On Saturday, the Dudes knocked Tom Fitzpatrick by scoring 4 runs in the seventh inning. The Wasps got a run in the eighth, and Ham Iburg— who had relived Fitzpatrick— shut the Dudes down for the rest of the game. Final score: 5-4.

On Sunday morning at Oakland, the San Francisco Chronicle reported: “[Phil] Knell was so easy to find on the Oakland Grounds yesterday morning that but seven innings of ball could be played.” The game had to be called with one out in the eighth, so the teams could catch the ferry back to San Francisco for the afternoon game. Chief Borchers won the game 9-5, and Hienie Krug hit his fourth home run of the season, a swat that went to the far centerfield corner of the park.

The afternoon contest turned out to be a sloppy 11-7 affair, marred by 9 errors, though it didn’t start out that way. San Francisco took the lead in the first when Manager-first baseman Ed Pabst hit a three-run home run. San Francisco looked like they would win the nightcap going away, piling up a 6-0 lead by the sixth inning. Then the roof feel in on Ham Iburg: He gave up 8 runs on 7 hits, fourteen men coming to bat. Doc Moskiman survived a rocky early going to take the win.

Stockton lost to Sacramento on Saturday, 6-1. Jimmy Whalen took the loss, and Demon Doyle brought his record up to 10-12 with a 4-hitter.

On Sunday, the tables were turned. George Harper bested Jay Hughes 5-2. The game last ten innings before Hughes tired. As the recap states in the San Francisco Examiner:

“In the tenth inning the mighty Jay Hughes distributed the confetti, filling the bases by allowing three hits in succession and then passing three men to first.”

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