Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Following Up in Sioux City, With Some Long Fences

Davis Barker, deep in an article on baseball in Sioux City, came up with some pretty amazing data on their Western League park, Stock Yards Park:

No "pill box" is the park, either, in delightful contrast to Mizzou Park, whose right field fence was so short, drives over the barrier went for only two bases and the right fielder had to be an accomplished shortstop. In Stock Yards Park, the distances from home plate to the various fences are:
Right field: 307 feet
Center field: 675 feet
left field: 450 feet

No balls have ever been driven over either left or center field barriers.

The Sporting News in 1934, which must be a good year for ballpark news, though you might have to read every word. Thanks, again, Davis.


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