Thursday, May 11, 2006

From Davis Barker Found in TSN, February 15, 1934

From Davis Barker: Found in The Sporting News, February 15, 1934

Davis Barker has been at it again, and he has come up with a marvelous find, the dimensions of Southern Association ballparks

Size of Southern Parks

It is a wise batter who knows his park in the Southern Association, for they differ enough to make it advisable to change batting tactics in every one of them.  They have right field walls ranging from 262 feet at Sulphur Dell, Nashville, to 395 at Traverlers’ Field in Little Rock, center fields from 366 feet at Russwood Park, Memphis, to 485 feet at Engel Stadium, Chattanooga, Rickwood Field, Birmingham, and Heinemann Park, New Orleans, and left fields from 297 feet at New Orleans to 474 [sic] feet at Memphis.

Ponce De Leon Park at Atlanta, with a capacity of 15,200, is the largest and Smthson Stadium, seating 5,000 at Knoxville, is the smallest.  Others range as follows:
Birmingham, 15,000
Memphis, 11,500
Chattanooga, 10,000
New Orleans, 9,500
Nashville, 8,500
and Little Rock, 7,000.

Distances from home plate to the fences in the various parks are [given in the following graphic]:


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