Sunday, May 07, 2006

Bill Weiss, PCL Hall of Famer

Bill Weiss is our final entrant into the PCL Hall of Fame. I nominated Bill Weiss this year for the PCL Hall, and am extremely happy that others voting saw it the same way I did. Bill Weiss was the long-time statistician of the Pacific Coast League. He was born in Chicago more than a few years ago, and like me, moved out to California when he took over compiling statistics for the PCL and California League. He began compiling PCL statistics in 1950, and the league with the history of having the worst statistics became— overnight— the league with the best statistics, and if fact be came the model for all other minor leagues (and possibly the major leagues as well).

Bill began his career working for Howard Green, who founded any number of leagues in Texas in the post-World War Two era, and Bill Weiss became statistician for all of them. In 1949, he moved west to take on the duties of statistician for the California League and the Far West League (which Bill still calls the Far Worst League), and then the following season became PCL statistician.

As Dick Beverage has noted, no other executive has served the PCL longer than Bill Weiss.

Anybody who has compiled statistics has to look to Bill Weiss as a model. I did, and I do.


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