Monday, May 15, 2006

From Davis Barker:American Association Parks in 1934, August 16 Issue

From Davis Barker: American Association Parks in 1934, August 16 Issue

In a follow up to his fine sleuthing on Southern Association Parks, Davis found this note in The Sporting News:

In order to settle a number of arguments as to the size of the parks in the league, W. Blaine Patton, sports editor of the Indianapolis Star, ascertained the distances of fences at the various fields and here is what he found:

Left field, 350 feet
Center field, 500 feet
Right field, 350 feet

Left field, 262 feet
Center field, 395 feet
Right field, 265 feet

St. Paul:
Left field, 315 feet
Center field, 470 feet
Right field, 365 feet

Left field, 336 feet
Center field, 435 feet
Right field, 275 feet

Left field, 331 feet
Center field, 512 feet
Right field, 350 feet

Left field, 378 feet
Center field, 400 feet
Right field, 327 feet

Left field, 340 feet
Center field, 430 feet
Right field, 315 feet

Kansas City:
Left field, 363 feet
Center field, 559 feet
Right field, 390 feet

As Davis put it in a note to me: “Quite some contrasts!”


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