Sunday, March 26, 2006

Brian Mohr As In....

Brian Mohr As In….

I posted the following on SABR-L, basically to inform people that I’d be posting PCL & Eastern League batting and pitching league stats, expecting nothing in the way of crimes against nature…

2004 Minor League Stats Redux

When I brought up the problem of the 2004 minor league statistics, critics maintained that the 2005 Sporting News Guide published what they had been sent, and that—in any case—they no longer existed in any form.

Since then I have been able to come up with a set of official minor league stats, and they do contain considerable data not contained in the TSN Guide. For example, TSN guide misses about a third of either the batting or pitching stats for the PCL. More than half of the Fresno pitching staff is missing from the guide, but appears in the official stats. Another league missing considerable data is the Eastern League, though no quite as bad as the PCL.

As a public service, I have decided to begin an eight-day posting of the batting and pitching average for those two leagues in facsimile of the official sheets, and you can judge for yourself what are the facts of the matter.

Carlos Bauer

No more (catchy, no) than posting the above, the critics came out of the woodwork… I leave in all the gory details, spelling mistakes and bad grammar, so please be warned…

What are you contending is a correct stat for the minor leagues. I also had seen the FSL stats were incorrect in the 2005 book. I also noted that in 2005 the stats will be incorrect as well due to inaccurate box scores. To my knowledge these were never corrected and this was found just by me going to a game and know what had occurred (ie a pitching change in an inning and no record of the new pitcher ever appearsing and a batter getting an extra plate appearance when the 5 batters in front all had 1 less appearance). I have to wonder how accurate minor league info is when many of the leagues use interns and do not have many checks and balances to make them correct.

Brian Mohr
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Anyway, Mr. Mohr (As in…) meet Mr. Bauer:

Brian:Do you have a reading problem? I never maintained the official statistics for 2004 are correct— just that they are complete. Inaccuracies have occurred since the first box score was conceived. What TSN did is compound the 2004 problem by missing a third of the lines for the Coast League, a great number of lines in the Eastern League, etc.I will explain it to you one last time: The Sporting News received the official stats from The Sports Network-- and failed to put all the batting and pitching lines they received in their guide. If you still are confused, reread what I wrote below until you do understand.cb

What was the purpose of what Brian Mohr (As in…) wrote? Do we publish baseball encyclopedias that years later we find had a “phantom player” or find a player not included in one of many box scores?

Why do these people still attack me for trying to make the record more complete? Is it that SABR has become a fanatical church— where nobody dare speak the truth?

I suppose no good deed goes unpunished....


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