Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Stats That Don't Exist, 2004 Redux

The Stats That Don’t Exist, 2004 Redux

I was told that the official stats for the minor leagues for 2004 no longer exist, and for that reason the Sporting News would be unable to post the complete stats on their website for all those who bought the 2005 Sporting News Guide that was missing considerable data.

I was able to find somebody who made a copy of all the 2004 O. B. Stats, and offered to make a copy available to me. I want to thank that person from the bottom of my heart.

I called Willie Runquist yesterday. Runquist— as has been documented here— is the researcher who blew the whistle on 2004 TSN Guide. He told me that the worst two leagues in the guide were the Pacific Coast League and Eastern League. For instance, half the Fresno pitching staff was missing. And he calculated that fully a third of league players were missing a batting or pitching line.

One researcher who took exception to my criticisms of TSN, stated flatly that the stats TSN published were the same ones that they got from the provider, Sports Network, Inc.

As you will see, that is not the case. Beginning tomorrow, I will begin an eight-day posting of the batting and pitching average for those two leagues in facsimile of the official sheets, and you can judge for yourself.


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