Saturday, March 25, 2006

Some Updates/Corrections from Gary Fink

Some Updates/Corrections from Gary Fink

Eli Cates has been on my "One Year Wonders" list for players who only played one year in the Major Leagues but played a lot that year.
Recently I went on to see where he was living during the census years. I found out he had a twin brother named Levi.
It has bothered me for a long time that there is no win-loss record for him in 1903 in the Missouri Valley League. He has a lifetime record in the minors of 156 wins and 163 losses. So I started gathering information on the league. I got copies of the SL, Reach, and Spalding Guides and compiled the information. In doing so, I noticed that the SABR Guide to Minor League Stats states that there is "R" listed in the Spalding Guide and TSN. While I do not have TSN (I have ordered it) the Spalding Guide does not have "Runs" for the batters. Delete "R" from the Spalding Guide from The New SABR Guide to Minor League Statistics.
Going through The Historical Register I noticed that "Big Ed" Reulbach (one of your Cubs) is listed with playing in the Missouri Valley League in 1901, 1902, & 1903. I know Ed Reulbach, born in Detroit, Michigan, helped beat the Detroit Tigers in the 1907 & 1908 World Series. He is not listed in the final batting stats in Sporting Life, Reach, and Spalding Guides. I checked the 1940 Baseball Register and it lists that he played under the name of Lawson while in the Missouri Valley League. There is a Lawson listed with playing with Sedalia in 1903. It needs to be added to The Historical Register for Reulbach.


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