Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Some Questions from Rex Hamann

Some Questions from Rex Hamann

Rex asked me to post these questions that he has had, and will do so here .  

On to a baseball question for you.  I'm writing about Stoney McGlynn (again)in my Spring issue of the Almanac and am looking at his record 14 shutouts in one season.  Do you know of anyone who has come close to this in the minors or if the record has ever been exceeded?  

I found two Coast Leaguers with 14: Jimmy Whalen in 1905, and Vean Gregg in 1910, and searched my 19th century database, but didn’t find anything that beat it.  However, the data is very sketchy in regards to shutout, complete games, etc.

And what about short games? For example, recalling that McGlynn did this in 1909, would a 6-inning run-less game be considered a shutout?  A 5-inning?  Which leads to my final question:  would a 5-inning game be considered as an official "complete game" for either winner or loser? Not sure why it wouldn't but just never thought about it before.

I believe shutouts were handled like 7 inning no-hitters, etc.  If anybody had any knowledge of this, please let me know, and I’ll post it here

By the way, A new issue of the Almanac with be out in about three weeks.


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