Monday, February 27, 2006

An Announcement

An Announcement

I sent the following open letter to L-SABR, announcing a week-long posting of the complete list of final league averages to date that we have managed to collect over the years.  If you have any additions or corrections, please let me know.  One addition already— Bill Williamson just finished the 1902 Intermountain League compilation, and we will post that once we have posted the final league average list.  We know that there are researchers out there that we don’t know about, and maybe they will contact us with their work.  Or maybe some of you have stumbled across some averages published in your local paper— you can send us a copy of those, and we’ll put your name in lights!  And post those averages.

The posting of the list will begin tomorrow, Monday, and will continue until finished.

Final League Averages

Over the course of the next week, Bob McConnell and I will be publishing a list of all the final league averages compiled from box scores of minor league seasons that have never appeared in any of the baseball guides.  Primarily these compilations were the work of SABR members, and should be instructive of the depth of working that has gone on over the decades of SABR’s existence.

Additionally, the list includes official final league average sheets for the minor leagues that SABR member and former official scorer saved from the ashbin of history containing material, though official, never made it into the Sporting News Baseball Guide during the post-World War Two era.  This should be especially instructive for those like Steve Gietschier and Lyle Spatz, who have accused me of some sort of vendetta against the Sporting News, in general, and Steve Gietschier, in particular.

Actually, those of you who take the time to view the work that we have collected and saved, will prove that what we are about is preserving the “complete baseball record,” not just the Major League Record, and attacks against any entity or person couldn’t be further from the truth.  

Therefore, we ask The Sporting News, and Steve Gietschier, to help us in the following manner: Every year, when TSN receives the final official league averages, that they print out one complete copy of those averages, and send them to SABR for preservation purposes.  (I also ask Baseball America to do the same for the independent leagues, and any foreign leagues that they receive stats for.)

We began compiling this list under my tenure as SABR Minor League Committee chair, and I continued it to this day.  Without Bob McConnell it would not have been as complete as it is.  A big thanks to Bob.

Carlos Bauer


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