Monday, February 20, 2006

A Correction to Roy Leslie's Record

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Robert Morphy brought up a discerepancy regarding Roy Leslie's HR totals for 1924. He had seen it at 18, and I listed it at 16 HR. I could very well have made a typo, so I checked my 1925 Spalding Guide, which listed 16. I didn't have a Reach Guide, so I couldn't check that, but did have a copy of the stats published in the San Francisco Chronicle. It listed 18 Home Runs. That got me to wondering, and I decided to check The Sporting News. TSN listed Leslie with 18 homers. At that, I called a friend who had a Reach Guide, and he looked up Leslie for me, and found thatthey had Leslie with 18 HR in 1924.

The moral of the story: You just can never be sure of the stats in the guides, either.


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