Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Old Business Made New

Old Business Made New

Bob McConnell sent me a list of items that he had passed on to his successors as Chair of the SABR Minor League Committee to publish.  They never did because, apparently, they were not interested in baseball research of any sort, or at least that’s what I got out of reading their news letters.

Today and tomorrow I will publish the items.  Today I will start with Stats Compiled & Help with Compilations:

Gary Fink is working on the Less Than 10 Games and Less Than 45 Innings pitched for the 1939 Pioneer League.  He reports that he is almost finished.  [Published here recently—cb]

Carlos Bauer has compiled batting and pitching stats for 1882 and 1912 California League.  [Since then I have also compiled stats for the California League, 1883-1899, and the 1887 Pacific Coast League—cb]

Bob Richardson has compiled batting and fielding stats for the 1912 New England League. Bob needs first names for the following players [if you can help, email me at the above address—cb]:

  • Boyd      Played 3b for the Lawrence club    Had a trial with New York Yankees of Giants.

  • A. A. “Ollie” Britton     Pitcher for Lynn club.    Also played in Southern Association.

  • Seneff  (referred to as “Sitton” on several occasions).   Pitcher for Worcester club.  Formerly played for the Syracuses, and for the Marion, Ohio, club.

Also of note, McConnell wrote to the new chair the following sarcastic note: “Ray Nemec compiles a death list which is included in each [Minor League Committee] newsletter.  Contact Ray.  The list for the April, 2003 newsletter was inadvertently omitted [italics mine].”  

Tomorrow, more things that never made it into print.  One wonders why anybody would be interested in chairing a research committee if they had no interest in research.  I guess that’s why I started this blog.


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