Monday, December 05, 2005

A Note From Karl Knickrehm

A Note From Karl Knickrehm


Thank you for bringing Larry Zuckerman's research to print. Put me down for a copy. The last time I spoke with Larry, we talked about the location of the Orange County ballpark. He was not sure where it
was. He thought that it was either at the fairgrounds or the location of where the Orange Drive In was. That would be just north of  Interstate 5 at State College Blvd., about a half mile south of Angel Stadium. He favored the Drive In location because it was more central to the population of 1929. He was a marvelous researcher who found the location in Barstow where the Anaheim Valencias played one game
in 1947, found the exact location of Wrangler Field in Las Vegas and clarified a lot of misconceptions about La Palma Park in Anaheim. He was taken from us much too soon. Of course your work is outstanding, too.

I enjoy your blog very much. Keep it up!



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