Monday, December 05, 2005

Mickey Haslin's Career Record

Mickey Haslin's nephew just bought some books from me, and asked in passing if I had anything on his uncle. I didn't, but figured that he might like like a career record of his uncle. I spent a couple of hours putting it together, and thought I'd share it with all of you. His only published career record appeared in the 1937 Who's Who, so his career up to that point was not even near finished.

What I found intersting is that if he had not come back as a player in 1943, he'd have finished his career with a .322 batting average in the minors.

Click on Image to Enlarge Career Record


Blogger Kim Kleinle said...

Thanks so much for the record on Mickey Haslin. He lived with my great-grandparents in 1933 when he played with Stroudsburg. I ran into him at a golf tournament about 7 years ago, and he said the time in Stroudsburg was the best of his life and that my great-grandmother was the best cook! I had been searching for some information on him since then.

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