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From The Sporting News, September 30, 1926

From The Sporting News, September 30, 1926.

An Example of how lower leagues tried to keep a competitive balance:

East Texas Re-Elects Fisher
New Rookie Rule Adopted Permitting Only One Class A Player

Tyler, Tex., Sep. 25 — At a meeting of the East Texas League moguls in Paris, T . H. Fisher, prexy for the season just closed, was re-elected president of the loop for next season.  Dr. H. R. Coats, president of the local club last season, was elected to the position of vice-president of the league.

A rookie rule was passed, which was opposed by long one club, Longview.  Only one Class A player may now be carried by each club while five rookies are required to be on the roster.

A Class A player was specified as being a pitcher who had pitched 90 innings of baseball in leagues as high as a Class A league or higher, or a player who has been at bat 150 times in a Class A league or higher.

Note: Salary caps were also big at the time, but with payments under the table going on all the time, a rule like the above appeared to be more enforceable.  Also, the excluding of the bench manager made playing managers much more desirable, and that’s why you see career records of players extended in the lower minors.


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