Saturday, September 17, 2005

A Research Request by John Benesch

A Research Request by John Benesch

If I had to list the data most wanted, it would be the following:

*1902 California League: Leaders in Doubles and Triples [McConnell
identified Dunleavy as the HR leader with 8]. [Householder is credited with
36 2B's after 78 games in either TSN or SL.]

*1900 Western League: Leaders in Doubles, Triples and HR's. [I compiled the
potential leaders from the limited box scores in The Sporting News.]

*1905 South Texas League: Houston's Edmonton and Hunter are listed with
identical batting figures [except for games played 123/122]: 455 AB;79 R;139
H;36 SB;22 SH;34 BB;4 PB;.305 BA. Since the RUN and HIT totals are league
leading figures, it would be nice to know to whom they belong and what the
missing entries might be.

*1908 Texas League: Galveston's Bob Edmondson [again] is listed @ .391
[143/336] in the Reach Guide but omitted from the Spalding Guide for batting
but included in the Fielding averages. While Reach fails to include Extra
Base Hit Figures, Spalding includes names and totals of players with 10 or
more Doubles, 5 or more Triples and 1 or more Homers. Edmondson failed to
make any of the lists. The BA runner-up in Reach is Salm with a .304 figure.
Spalding has Salm at the top with that figure. Assuming Edmondson did play
in the TL in 1908 his Extra Base totals might well have been league leading.

Note: If anybody can help John with the above, please contact him at the following email address:


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