Thursday, September 08, 2005

Help Needed by Researcher Bob McConnell

Help Needed by Researcher Bob McConnell

George Stutz is listed in the encyclopedia as batting left handed. He played in 1926 with the Phillies.  He had a long minor league career from 1910 through 1927. His BATS are listed in the averages published in the baseball guides for three years (1922-24 in the Michigan-Ontario League).  He is listed as batting right handed all three years.  Stutz played from 1910 thru 1914 in the Tri-State League, then a few years in the Three I League,  then the American Association, Southern Association, Western League, and finally four years in the Michigan-Ontario League.   Can anyone verify that he was, in fact, a right-handed batter?  Or conversely, a left-handed batter. Bob McConnell

Note: Anyone who can answer this question can post on the comments area, or contact me via the above email address.  Thanks.


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