Saturday, September 10, 2005

Charley “Demon” Doyle

One of the things that amaze people about baseball in California is how many players played for years in various league around the state. I have a database of cards on some 7,400 players so far, but nowhere near finished. Many players spent five of more years in baseball in California. Even African-Americans like Eddie Smith and Horace Wilds put in eight and fives seasons respectively in California professional leagues.

Charley Doyle was born in San Jose California on November 13, 1875. He began as a right-handed pitcher, but in mid-career hurt his arm, and continued his career as an outfield. Later on, he would become a player-manager.

The 5-11 Doyle’s career lasted longer than most, but there were a number of other players of the era who spent as many years as Doyle in various leagues around the state. Some like Brick Devereaux and Rube Levy played more seasons. Devereaux began his career in 1892, and I have tracked him through the 1913 season in the Cal State League. Rube Levy, the most popular of the early California League players, began his career in 1881 with the Californias of San Francisco in the New California League, and played every season there was a league in California until

Most of Doyle’s career was spent playing for club in Sacramento. Demon Doyle lived in Sacramento after his career ended, and he died there on December 9, 1950.

Demon Doyle & His Stops in California Based Professional Baseball Leagues

1896 Oakland/San Jose (Cal)
1898 Sacramento (Pac States)
1898 Sacramento/San Jose (PCL)
1899 Sacramento (Cal)
1900 Sacramento (Cal)
1901 Sacramento (Cal)
1902 Sacramento (Cal)
1903 Sacramento (PCL)
1904 Tacoma (PCL)
1905 Tacoma (PCL)
1906 Fresno (PCL)
1907 Sacramento (Cal St)
1908 Sacramento (Cal St)
1909 Sacramento (Cal St)
1909 Sacramento (PCL)
1910 Sacramento (Cal St)
1912 Sacramento (Cal St)


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