Friday, September 16, 2005

From The Sporting News, July 7, 1900

From The Sporting News, July 7, 1900.

Answers to Readers:

Reader—Mobile: Manager has general control of players and captain is in charge when a team is on the field, subject, however, to orders of manger, who is not allowed by the rules to coach or appeal to umpire unless he is player-manager, but is done frequently. Every National League club has a captain, who is paid on an average $600 in addition to his regular salary.

Note: I have been trying to explain to researchers as far back as I can remember about the term “ manager” and “captain,” and how they changed somewhere in the 1910s.   In the mid-1880s, the “manager” was prohibited from sitting on the bench, and I believe that’s where “captain” became “field manager,” and “manager” became “general manager.”  


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