Friday, September 02, 2005

From The Sporting News, July 14, 1900

From The Sporting News, July 14, 1900.

In the Eastern League:
“Silk” O’Loughlin can well say when he gets old and gray and sits in the corner telling his grandchildren of his palmy days as an umpire, that he was once mobbed for him bum umpiring. He can refer to the episode on July 4, 1900, when over a thousand enraged fans chased him off the grounds, throwing cushions, bottles and rocks at him, while nearly 5,000 watched the performance from the grandstand, sympathizing with the feeling of the thousand, but perhaps not approving openly on their method of showing their belief that O’Loughlin was a robber in a base ball sense.
Reprinted from the Worcester Gazette

That mobbing episode is nothing to brag of. There was no excuse for it even though the umpire was bum.
Reprinted from the Springfield (MA) Union


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