Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Jimmy Whalen

Jimmy Whalen

     I always wonder why Jimmy “The Whale” Whalen never got a shot in the Big Leagues.  After all, Whalen put together five 30-win seasons, plus a couple of 20-wins seasons.   Yesterday, when I was trying to dig up some information on the untimely demise of Big Bill Hanlon, I stumbled across the following note on page one of the December 2, 1905 Sporting News:

Whalen Has a Grievance

Special to the Sporting News.
New York, November 29.— Jimmy Whalen, one of Griffin’s new twisters from the Pacific Coast, has announced that he will go to the “bush” leagues next season unless the New York Club pays his expenses both ways from and back to California.  He has signed for a good salary and it has never been the custom for major league teams to pay travelling (sic) expenses until after the players report, Whalen will have to buy his own ticket.

By the way, I never found anything on Big Bill Hanlon, except the family’s death notice in the L. A. Times.


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