Thursday, November 24, 2005

A Sample from Larry Zuckerman's Forthcoming Book on Coast League Ballparks

Baseball Press hopes to have this book of our late, close friend out in the Spring of 2006. The sample above is one of all the ballparks used between 1903 and 1998 that comprise the book. The format for every park will be similar to that above. Every park, even those used for only one game, are included. It is a major piece of work.

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Blogger Flipper113 said...

Nice information about this book.Is there a book by him on the ballparks prior to 1903? I had a discussion with Larry years ago on this (all North American ballparks) before his passing. I could not believe the scope of the project back then. I would appreciate an update on it. I am very glad that part of the project he envisioned has come to fruition. Thank you

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