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From The Sporting News, October 22, 1925

From The Sporting News, October 22, 1925.

Split Seasons in the Texas League:

Texas League club owners have very wisely decided to abolish the split season, observes Otis Harris in the Shreveport Journal.  At their meeting in Dallas, they recorded a majority vote against the practice resorted to almost annually to knife successful teams for the crime of winning more games than their less fortunate colleagues.

It is well to have it over with now and avoid the uncertainty that usually comes in mid-season with one or two teams way out in front and other trailing at more or less respectful distances.  At best, the split is a bushy practice and should never have had part in the Texas League scheme of things. Was first put in effect in 1919, with Shreveport in first place, and fans here thought a deliberate attempt was made to gyp them out of the pennant.  Since Shreveport fans have warmed up to the idea to some extent when the local team was buried in the basement, but however brilliant the idea might have been, it has never struck a really popular chord here or elsewhere.

With the split definitely abolished, club owners and their managers will know where they stand before the season begins.  They will know that they can’t start with misfit crews with the hope that their clubs will be improved as the race progresses and a chance to start over again at the half-way point.

Note:  I always wondered how other leagues handled the split season.  In the Coast League,  except for the 1934 season, where the Los Angeles Angels ran away from the field early on and were forced to split the season, the league set determined the split-season schedule when they drafted their schedule.


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