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This Week in the California League, June 18-June 24, 1900

This Week in the California League, June 18-June 24, 1900

Note: I found the one game my standing apparently had been missing. The game was played on an off day, as I had supposed, on Wednesday, May 1. The game was originally scheduled to be played on Monday, April 30— for no apparent reason that I could find— but was rained out. Sacramento won the game 7-2 behind the 5-hit pitching of Demon Doyle. Big Bill Hanlon sent one of Jimmy Whalen’s pitches over the short left field fence at Oak Park in Sacramento. He also had a double in five trip to the plate.

Games scheduled on Saturday and Sunday, June 23 and 24.

On Saturday in Stockton, Oakland beat the home club 7-2 in spite of Candy Beville giving up 10 walks. But only five hits were made off him. The game was won in the first inning, when George Harper yielded 5 runs on five hits and a wild pitch.

Over at Rec Park, a seesaw game produced a 7-6 win for the visiting Gilt Edge club. Ham Iburg only gave up 3 hits, but that— along with 8 errors behind him— yielded 7 runs. Charley Doyle went the route for Sacramento.

On Sunday, in the morning game at Oakland, Heinie Krug landed one of Red Devereaux’s pitches over the left field fence, but it did no good as the visitors scored 4 runs in the eighth inning to take the contest 6- to 4.

Jay Hughes, in the nightcap, won another game, scatting ten hits and allowing but 2 runs. The Gilt Edge club scored 7 runs on 14 hits lead by Demon Doyle with 3 hits while appearing in center field on an day off from mound duty. Ham Iburg took the loss.

At Stockton, Jimmy Whalen and Mike Steffani battled for eleven innings. Stockton, which chose to bat first in the game, scored 2 runs in the top of the 11th inning, and Jimmy Whalen made it through the bottom half of the inning without allowing a run, though he gave up 2 hits.

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