Sunday, October 02, 2005

A New Correction to Baseball Guides from Gary Fink

A New Correction to Baseball Guides from Gary Fink

Hi Carlos,
I do not know if you know this, but I was going over some other American Association research I have done and I found some research I did for Ray Nemec a few months ago.
It involves Bobby Reis who played for the Toledo club in 1933. Marshall Wright's book, The American Association, and the 1934 Spalding Baseball Guide (I do not have access to the 1934 Reach Baseball Guide) has the following for Reis for the 1933 season. 132 G, 551 AB, 96 R, 178 H, 31 2b, 14 3b, 10 HR, 20 RBI, 10 BB, 8 SO, 15 SB and .323 BA.
The RBI, BB, & SO are very low totals for that many games played.
In Wright's book there are no RBI, BB, & SO totals for Mike Gonzales who played for the Columbus team.
For the 1933 American Association season, Gonzales batted .324 and Reis batted .323.
The Sporting News dated Jan. 4, 1934 has RBI, BB, & SO for the American Association the 20 RBI, 10 BB, & 8 SO belong to Mike Gonzales. For Reis, the correct totals are 59 RBI, 53 BB, & 51 SO.
Note that The New SABR Guide to Minor League Statistics does not include for The Sporting News  the date for RBI, BB, & SO. 
Gary Fink 

Note: I don’t have a Reach Guide for 1934, either.  If anyone would care to check that guide, please let me know what stats Reis and Gonzales have as for RBIs, BBs, and Ks.


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