Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The 1900 California League Recap

The 1900 California League Recap

At the present time, I’m compiling statistics for the 1900 California League. Some people might ask why, aren’t they already done and published in the guides? When I began working on my Pacific Coast League, I thought the same thing. Even in a league as important as the PCL, one finds the not every stat compiled (for instance, in 1903 PCL pitching stats, compiled by the league, and appeared in the various baseball guides only listed wins and losses. Many seasons extra base hits are left out of stats from early leagues, and didn’t even carry players who appeared in less than ten games. Also, in my compilation of the 1899 California League, I found errors all over. For one example, Julie Streib is listed in the guides as having hit .324, when in actuality he hit .336. Those types of errors happen more often than not. That was how the ICI group found state of affairs when the began compiling statistics for the first Macmillan Baseball Encyclopedia. Those of us who are working in the minor league area are ostensibly doing the same thing, only 100 times (perhaps) larger. And a thousand times more difficult because of the smaller cities and towns we are dealing with.

Beginning tomorrow, I will be giving updates on my compilation as it happens. I hope to update with standings, and top ten lists as I continue through the season. It will, I hope, be like reading your morning paper. As you have seen, I have been playing around with posting standings. First I tried to post an embedded excel chart, but that didn’t work, so I tried to just align margins, but those were screwed up when I published a note on the 1899 California League. I think I got it as right as I can with my third attempt by printing out the stat page, then scanning it as a photo, then posting it as a photo. To enlarge, you can just click on the photo.

Tomorrow I will publish the standings and leaders for the week of April 16-22, 1900. Until then.


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