Sunday, August 28, 2005

A Research Request from A Master

A Research Request from a Master

Phil Lowry, whose seminal book on ballparks, Green Cathedrals, still stands head & shoulders above any of the newer ballpark books, just sent me this request for help on an ongoing project of his, & if anyone can add to his list:

“Hi Carlos,

Congratulations on your new website. I sure appreciate the assistance it will give to all minor league researchers.

My project is finding all unusually long and short, late-ending and early-beginning minor league games and doubleheaders. I have been working on this since 1963, and would be very interested in hearing about any such events. So far, I have found the following number of such events in the minor leagues:

42 games with a time of game of 6 hours or more;
16 games with an elapsed time (including rain delays) of 7 hours or more;
12 rain delays of 3 hours or more;
29 games with a time of game of 60 minutes or less;
11 doubleheaders with a combined time of game of 7 hours or more;
nine doubleheaders with an elapsed time (including intermission and rain delays) of 8 or more hours;
four doubleheaders with an elapsed time (including intermission and rain delays) of 3 or less hours;
182 games lasting 20 or more innings;
32 doubleheaders lasting 25 or more innings (I PROBABLY AM MISSING A HUGE NUMBER OF THESE);
12 tripleheaders;
two quadrupleheaders;
one sextupleheader;
105 games ending at 1 AM or later;
six day games ending at 9 PM or later;
ten night games starting at 11 PM or later;
three day games starting at 10 AM or earlier.

Phil Lowry
4323 Woodhill Road, Minnetonka, MN 55345
e-mail is


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