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From The Sporting Life, August 24, 1901.

From The Sporting Life, August 24, 1901.

Another Minor League I just happened to stumble across in those year before the National Association, and while looking for something else:

North Carolina League

The Championship Season Prematurely Closed.

The Championship season of the North Carolina League came to a premature end on Aug. 17, the Charlotte team withdrawing on that date, owing to alleged unfair treatment by the League officials in the matter of umpire assignments. Raleigh and Wilmington are now engaged in an 11-game post-season series between themselves. Following is the final League record:

Clubs Won Lost Pct

Raleigh 23 - 9 .719

Tarboro 15 - 17 .469

Wilmington 14 - 19 .424

Charlotte 14 - 19 .424

Note: This shouldn’t be a hard league for someone in that part of the country to do. A nice, short season. And who knows what players may show up in the league. This league is not included in Lloyd Johnson’s The Minor League Encyclopedia.


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thank you for posting the North Carolina League (1902) hope you post more of leagues that no one knows about

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