Monday, January 09, 2006

A Question on an Old Baseball

David Abel wrote me the following note about a baseball he acquired recently. If David is wright about 1910, then it could be virually anywhere in the U.S., because most big cities expierenced a mamoth growth in popularity of baseball around that time. With one of the teams named "Ironsides" I would, however, begin my search along the Eastern Seaboard.

If anyone knows anything, or have any ideas, please contact me, and I will pass it on.

Dear Mr. Bauer,
I just purchased a very old old baseball on eBay and would like to begin my research but do not know where to start.
It comes in it's original wood presentational box that is silk lined.
It is painted gold and has the following on it: "First Ball Pitched at the opening game on the Tiger Oval - TIGERS vs. IRONSIDES....Members of the City League...Score: Tigers - 8 Ironsides - 3"
On the other side it reads: "Presented to [and I can't make out the name] by the ______Base Ball Club - May 20 [could be 22 or 29], 1910"
It mentions the Tiger Oval. I know that's not a typical term used for a field in the US but I have heard it used in English Rugby. However I am not sure England had City Leagues for baseball so the mystery looms. I have found a handful of minor league teams from 1910 with the name of TIGERS. The Ironsides team remains a mystery however some people have emailed me back saying the team may be associated with the US Navy.
I do have some pictures of the ball plus some player photos that were kept by the family. They only sold the ball.
Thank you
David Abel


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