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From The Sporting News, January 13, 1900

From The Sporting News, January 13, 1900

A Profile of the First Great PCL Power Hitter, Truck Eagan:

“Truck” Eagan, whose sobriquet belies him so grievously, is another youngster who will bear watching by National League magnates in search of talent. In the past few years the patrons of Recreation Park have much admired the quick, snappy, aggressive playing of [Harry] Lockhead (sic) at “short.” The big fellow from Stockton, who so closely resembles “Bill” Lange, has certainly acquired a showy dash and finish as a result of this season’s association with the stars of the major league. Yet it is a fact that “Truck” Eagan is, in all departments of the game, a better ball player than was Lockhead a year ago.

Note: Harry Lochhead played in 1899 for the worst team in major league history, the Cleveland Spider, then the NL contracted, and he only played one more game in the big leagues, with the Tigers in 1901.

Truck Eagan’s big-league career consisted of all of 9 games, all in 1901,5 with the Indians, then 4 with Pittsburgh in 1901. Then he returned to California, where he became the star he is remembered as today.


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