Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A Great Find From Rocky Bauer

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George and Ed Hurlburt played in the PCL in 1903, and according to John Spalding, George also played in the California League in 1902.

Ed Hurlburt was a catcher, and George both caught and played in the outfield.

Ed Hurlburt began the season as a change catcher with Los Angeles, and ended the season with Los Angeles. George Hurlburt played for Portland, and then went over to Seattle for a couple of game in September.

When Los Angeles played a series up in Portland, a Hurlburt caught 3 games for Portland, and then caught for the Browns when they traveled down to San Francisco to play a series. Shortly thereafter Ed Hurburt caught games for Los Angeles. And George Hurburt began playing the outfield for Portland, and catching occasionally.

What I assumed was that George Hurburt played all the games for Portland. Rocky Bauer, in going through the Portland papers, found that L. A. loaned Ed Hurburt to Portland, and he caught 3 games for Portland in Portland, then caught 5 games Portland in San Francisco before rejoining Los Angeles.

I rechecked both the L. A. Times and S. F. Chronicle, and I could not find any mention of of the loan of L. A.'s change catcher.

The above records are the revised records for the two players. Hat tip to Rocky for a great, and not easy, find.


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