Wednesday, April 05, 2006

An Update on Tommy Sheehan from Alan O'Connor

An Update on Tommy Sheehan from Alan O’Connor

Hi Carlos—
I was just looking at John Spalding's book The Sacramento Senators & Solons and noticed that Tommy Sheehan looks to be about 6 inches shorter than the 5'11 Truck Eagan in the 1899 Gilt Edge photo. That would split the difference between the 5'8" listed and Dick's 5'3" typo theory!

Every place I’ve seen Truck Eagan’s height listed, it’s always been 5’11, and that includes newspapers on top of encyclopedias. In the whole shot he is the shortest man in the last row. That in an age where people were much shorter than they are today. So I think the nickname “Midget” had its reason. I think Alan is right to go with 5’5”, though one could make a case for 5’4”. I’ll probably change my records to 5’5”.

He doesn't look to be 160 lbs, either, as the encyclopedias have it. I'll change my records to "a gentleman's" 140 lbs. though he looks pretty thin to me, and might even be 135 or 130 pounds. If he weighed 160, his nickname would be "Dumpling."


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