Thursday, April 06, 2006

Bill Staffa Corrects the Baseball Encyclopedias

Bill Staffa Corrects the Baseball Encyclopedias

How this happened, I don’t know.  Bill enclosed two articles stating that Ballou was right-handed.  Just for the hell of it, I checked the L. A. Times for an article announcing Ballou joining the Angels, and the subtitle stated: “Browns Right-Hander to Join Angels.”  The two Zeenuts of Pard Ballouwe are posting are from Mark Macrae.  Thanks, Mark.

From the Encyclopedias:


GIVEN NAME: Noble Winfield Ballou
BORN: 11/30/1897  Mount Morgan, Kentucky  DIED: 1/30/1963  San Francisco, California
BAT: R  THROW: L  HEIGHT: 5'10"  WEIGHT: 170  MLB DEBUT: 8/24/1925

Hi Carlos,

A little piece for your database.

In every encyclopedia, electronic or otherwise, published since 1994, Win Ballou is listed as BR TL.  However, one of my cohorts brought it to my attention that he has two Zee-Nut baseball cards from the late 20s showing Ballou throwing right-handed.  He also said that there's a picture of him in John Spalding’s PACIFIC COAST LEAGUE STARS ... throwing right-handed.

It occurred to me that the original Macmillan (1969) had pitcher hitting, so I looked in there and sure enough, he's listed as BR TR.  Somewhere between 1984 and 1993, the keeper of the great source database re-invented Ballou.

Attached are a couple of articles referring to him as a right-handed pitcher, one of which has a photograph.

Proof enough for me.  My little contribution to your work.

I'm sending you a check today for your latest Encyclopedia, The PCL Statistical Record, 1903-1957.

Bill Staffa


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