Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Some Exciting News About Newspapers Online from Bill Williamson

Some Exciting News about Newspaper Online from Bill Williamson

Carlos: The Winona State University's digital newspaper archive can  be accessed either from SABR or directly at Skin=Winona&BP=OK&GZ=T&AppName=2 It looks like a great many box scores were published in the papers.  In 1911 two teams did not finish the season and in 1912 the whole  league disbanded early. As far as I know, no averages have ever been  published for either year. I wasn't unable to find any final stats  for 1911 or 1912, but did come across a 25 game or so table of  batting for the 1912 season. It was in the Winona Daily Republican- Herald on June 13, 1912 page 1. The batting pct. is cut off when you  enlarge the column, but the rest is there including EBHs. Some other papers I've found on line are - New York state papers at: newspprs.htm#Mic Brooklyn Daily Eagle at: Utah Digital Newspapers at: also the ProQuest ones through SABR. Bill

Carlos: After writing last night, I remembered another archive that I've come  across - The Colorado Historic Newspaper Collection, though I've  never found much Baseball info in any of the papers that have been  added so far. These guys it seems were too busy writin' about diggin'  for gold, choppin' down trees, punchin' cows, and runnin' snake oil  adds to write about ball games. Other papers will be put up in the  future, so maybe there's hope. The Archive can be found at: Bill


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