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From The Sporting News, 4-8-1899

From The Sporting News, April 8, 1899.

African-American Baseballer Bud Fowler writing in The Sporting News:

Bud Fowler’s Team
The Veteran Considers it the Best of the Colored Clubs

Findlay, Ohio April 3 — Special Correspondence:— Dr. Drake and I have purchased the old grounds in the heart of the city, and have signed a first-class team. The teams which represented Findlay in the past need no praise. They have always been stronger than most minor league aggregations. For the first time in the history this city will have Sunday grounds, and clubs can be booked by communicating with the manager.

The team will report April 15. The players signed to date are: Pitchers, Lindsay of Cincinnati; Redmond, St. Joe; Scheumeman, Chicago; catchers, Speasman, Ashtabula; Roe, Barnesville; first base, Heistand, Terre Haute; second base, Fowler; shortstop, Keller, Beardstown, Ill.; left field, Bissell, Cleveland; centerfield, Meyers. The season will open in Toledo with Stroble’s Interstate League Club Saturday and Sunday, April 22-23.

From June 12 to 17 Findlays will play under the auspices of the Elks. On Thursday, June 15, Elks Day, the Findlays will play under auspices [sic]of the Elks’ Clubs wanting dates during this week can fill them by writing Dr. W. H. Drake.

Jackson, captain of the Cuban X-Giants will find it in his interest to write Bud Fowler.

The Black Tourists Colored Ball Club will leave Findlay in September for California, playing through the Western states to the coast, where they will meet all the clubs of the California League. They want to arrange games in Santa Fe, Las Vegas and Albuquerque during the New Mexico State Fair. This will be the first colored club to cross the Rocky mountains. The aggregation will be equal in merit in all departments as any colored club ever organized.

Miller, Woods and Selbach of Cincinnati, Hoy of Louisville, Blue of Toledo, Ogden of the New York League, Wagner of the Canadian League, are all Findlay prouducts.

Bud Fowler.


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